Our Teaching Method

At Lumens, our method of learning follows the natural way of learning, focusing on 4 aspects of development i.e. Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Spiritual. Unlike most other methods, we have a systematic approach and have clearly defined activities for development of above mentioned aspects in a child, which we do a number of times, everyday for each child, depending on child’s interest &  growth. Elaborating on the same,

Teaching Methods
Individual approach: Each child has unique talents, ways of thinking and interest in understanding different topics at different levels. Given an opportunity to construct their own understanding, child will learn it differently. At Lumens, job a teacher is to understand each child individually and create customized teaching tools and opportunities to facilitate a favorable learning environment and so till 12th standard, we will have only 25 children in a class. The individualized approach  also makes it  possible for children to use material beyond their grade level, in topics of their interest.

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Concepts & Application Assimilation: Using innovative academic concepts and skills teachers use various tools to foster interest, built fluency and passion in learning, across subjects. Methods of teaching also focus on developing critical thinking skills and aptitude in applying skills to creatively solve problems.

Fuel Curiosity: Teachers make lesson plans for every topic to fuel curiosity in the child and inspire them to go beyond their self-imposed limits. This also habituates children to gain comprehensive understanding by thoroughly investigating a given topic.

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Collaboration: Method of learning at Lumens, encourage students to work together, express their own thinking and even consider other’s point of view and thus not only have an open mind to learning from others but also learn to empathize. This also exposes the child to possibility of multiple strategies in solving  problems.

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Fun quotient: Every day, the timetable is planned in such a way that a few minutes of learning activities are sandwiched between different fun activities like games, puzzles, art etc. The whole academic year is designed to feel like a year-long summer camp for the children.

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Physical Program

The physical fitness of a child is an indication of a well developed brain. At Lumens, we have adopted a physical program designed to strengthen the visual, auditory and tactile pathways of a child (from the age of 2 to 8 years, during which most neurological development stabilizes), which are the key to abilities like reading, drawing, painting, singing, wood work and swimming. This will also lead to keen interest in sports at higher age and a high level of coordination  & concentration  in the child.

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Intellectual Program

Our children will be introduced to the world using plenty of pictures as the primary window. Pictures are the physical representation of words. Language is built through pictures. The outcomes of this are:

Reading: Children will be able to read simple English and Hindi stories by around 5 or 5 1/2 years of age. During the same period, our children would also learn to recognize all the states of India,  the geography of the country, the continents, people of the world and a wide range of plant and animal species.
Math: Children would learn simple arithmetic and addition/subtraction by the age of 5. Extensive and methodological use of flash cards would be used to enable our children learn correctly, with faster speed and with greater joy. By class 1, our children would learn addition up to 100, subtraction and multiplication tables to nine.
Science: Children would also be introduced to science as fun right from pre-school, like showing whirlpools in a bucket, experiments on air or introducing them to magnets. The strong foundation development at an early age gives our children a head-start in higher standards and  they are able to complete the entire syllabus in a much shorter time without any kind of pressure.


Emotional Program

Any activity of the physical or the intellectual results in draining of the self at any age. Art, music, dance, craft, stories and drama would be woven into daily schedules to provide the emotion balancers.

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Spiritual Program

Harmonizing of the physical, emotion and intellect results in spiritual growth.  This is amply illustrated in the lives of  accomplished people. Learning here would begin with reading of relevant stories of those people. This would be followed by discussion on circumstances that lead to formation of the character of a person.

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