- Pre-Primary School -

We currently have three pre-primary schools – in Vapi (Gunjan), Vapi (Chala) and Daman. The idea is that very small children will always remain close to their homes. From Std. 1, children from all pre-schools will study at our main school in Namdha.

Our Staff is

  • Handpicked, and extensively trained in ‘Quad Seek’ Methods by Mr. Raghavan himself who trains the teachers for at least 70-80 days in a year.
  • Young, active and enthusiastic as the method requires continuous participation by the teachers in all physical activities.
  • Trained to impart all learning as group activities with a group size of maximum four students. Our high teacher: student ratio makes this possible.
  • Selected from different fields of education so that the school becomes a pool of varied interests.
  • Extensively trained in any emotional activity such as music, art, craft, storytelling, dramatic etc. depending on individual ability.

Our Classrooms are

  • Bright, aesthetic and child-friendly environments
  • Designed to make maximum usage of floor space for activities
  • Equipped with its own library, games, computer, CDs and teaching aids

Our Play-Area includes

  • Aesthetic play equipment
  • Physical development exercise equipment
  • Its very own sand pit and garden area

- The Main School -

Our new Main School Building which is situated 2 Km to the west of Vapi, is a location specifically chosen to ensure safe commuting, with no highway or railway crossing on the way. It has a green and serene environment required for a pleasant upbringing, and we have the state of the art facilities for our students at this site.